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Hygienic food seals

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The types shown on these pages are suitable for hygienic, pharmaceutical, sterile and food application due to the following important characteristics:

• Spring outside of the product – no contact with the sealed fluid.

• Grub screws out of the product – no contact with the sealed fluid.

• Bi-directional rotation.

• Open design for easier CIP/SIP processing.

• Possibility of shrink-fitted faces.

• Particularly accurate surface finish (Ra < 0,8 µm standard Ra <0,5 µm by request).

• Possibility of having shaped profile secondary gasket to reduce to minimum wasted spaces that are difficult to clean.

• Flexibility in customizing the installation dimensions according to the customer’s needs.

• External-mount or balanced seals for work against pressure.

• A wide range of materials for faces and gaskets, including hi-tech hard facing. FDA, WRC, BAM, NSF, 3A approved materials by request.

• Possibility of constructing metals parts in titanium. For more information and technical support on the use of these models, please contact our technical department.