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Type 4

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This seal is fitted with PTFE gaskets and can be used for most fluids provided that the operating conditions are within the design limits and the face materials are compatible. The standard version contains stainless steel, PTFE
and Carbon, but to take full advantage of the characteristics of PTFE, the seal can be supplied with hard faces, hard metal inserts, special anticorrosion alloys, special carbons, glass-filled PTFE and special faces shrunk-fit into the frame. The seal is suitable for most solvents, pharmaceutical and chemical products at elevated temperatures

UN U4 LRO4 = UNITEN 4 model with working length “L” as ROTEN 4


Additional information

Additional information

p ≤

12 bar

t =

10 ÷ 180°C

v ≤

12 m/s