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Type 977-977A

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The cartridge 977 has been certified by TÜV North (Certificate TÜV 08 ATEX 353470 X) for applications in Category 1 Atex. With the installed thermocouples it is possible to monitor the temperature close to the faces. This is the area where heat is generated. The materials of the seal faces are dependant on the barrier fluid, which can be water or inert gas and these determine the application limits. The table shows the dimensions of the standard  seal but we can produce the seal to customer dimensions if required by the application. The type 977A has the bearing integrated on the seal. The cartridge type 977 can be also supplied without Atex certification.


Additional information

Additional information

p ≤

40 bar

t =

–50 ÷ 300°C

v ≤

0-5 m/s